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(412) 531-7007

Local Pittsburgh, PA area Full Service Florist--Flowers and Gifts for All Occasions~We also have a 2nd number 412-276-0707!
   Local: (412) 531-7007
Funeral Flowers
Funeral Homes in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Anthony G Staab Funeral Home904 Chartiers Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15220(412) 921-1705
Ball Funeral Chapel, Inc.600 Dunster Street Pittsburgh, PA. 15226(412) 343-1506
Boron Funeral Home Inc1719 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15210(412) 882-1506
Brady Memorial Chapel1151 S Side Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15212(412) 321-1500
Brusco-Falvo Funeral Home214 Virginia Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15211(412) 381-2323
Brusco-Napier Funeral Home Ltd2201 Bensonia Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15216(412) 561-6474
Calvin Sheffield Funeral Home1125 Allegheny Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15233(412) 322-2530
Cieslak & Tatko Funeral Home2935 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15227(412) 881-2300
Frank F De Bor Funeral Home1065 Brookline Blvd Pittsburgh, PA. 15226(412) 561-0380
Freyvogel Slater Funeral Directors Inc112 Fort Couch Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15241(412) 835-1860
Gary R Ritter Funeral Home1314 Middle St Pittsburgh, PA. 15215(412) 781-0501
Griffith Mortuary Inc5636 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15236(412) 655-4400
Hershberger-Stover Inc Funeral Home170 Noble Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15205(412) 921-0213
House Of Law Inc9406 Frankstown Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15235(412) 241-3955
Howard A Farnsworth Funeral Hm425 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15210(412) 381-3337
James J Barry Jr Funeral Home608 E Warrington Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15210(412) 381-2266
Jefferson Memorial Cemetery301 Curry Hollow Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15236(412) 655-4501
John A. Freyvogel Inc.4900 Centre Avenue At Devonshire Pittsburgh, PA. 15213(412) 621-1665
John F Slater Funeral Home Inc4201 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15227(412) 881-4100
John J Gmiter Funeral Home Inc119 S 15th St Pittsburgh, PA. 15203(412) 431-0867
Joseph M Somma Funeral Home5405 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh, PA. 15244(412) 787-1800
L. Beinhauer & Son2630 West Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. 15216(412) 531-4000
Laughlin Funeral Home1008 Castle Shannon Blvd Pittsburgh, PA. 15234(412) 531-5100
Laughlin Funeral Home222 Washington Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15216(412) 531-5100
Mc Cabe Brothers Funeral Homes Inc6214 Walnut St Pittsburgh, PA. 15206(412) 661-6282
Mc Cabe Brothers Inc. Funeral Homes5300 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15224(412) 661-3134
Mc Dermott Funeral Home Inc1225 Chartiers Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15220(412) 331-3311
Mc Donald-Linn Funeral Home529 California Ave, Avalon Pittsburgh, PA. 15202(412) 766-7000
Milton E Hamel Mortuary169 Mcmurray Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15241(412) 835-4510
O'brien Funeral Home3724 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15212(412) 766-1680
Ogrodnik-Healy-Hahn Funeral Home333 Butler St Pittsburgh, PA. 15223(412) 781-0571
Olechowicz Funeral Home133 S 18th St Pittsburgh, PA. 15203(412) 431-0202
Orion C Pinkerton Funeral Home1014 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15202(412) 766-5600
Readshaw Funeral Home Inc1503 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15210(412) 882-3850
Robert P Karish Funeral Home1300 4th Street Ext Pittsburgh, PA. 15221(412) 271-3430
Samuel J Jones Funeral Home2644 Wylie Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15219(412) 621-9644
Samuel J Jones Funeral Home Inc800 Center Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. 15221(412) 247-5090
Schepner-Mc Dermott Funeral Home Inc165 Noble Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15205(412) 921-3661
Soxman Funeral Home Ltd7450 Saltsburg Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15235(412) 793-3000
Stathers Funeral & Cremation Services Inc7400 Irvine St Pittsburgh, PA. 15218(412) 271-7030
Stathers Funeral & Cremation Services Inc1222 Muldowney Avenue Pittsburgh, PA. 15207(412) 464-4377
Thomas J Gmiter Funeral Home2323 E Carson St Pittsburgh, PA. 15203(412) 431-1029
Thomas L Nied Funeral Home Inc7441 Washington Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15218(412) 271-0345
Thomas M Smith Funeral Home & Cematory930 Center Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15238(412) 828-5700
Thomas P Kunsak Funeral Home3552 California Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15212(412) 766-5080
Walter J Zalewski Funeral Home3201 Dobson St Pittsburgh, PA. 15219(412) 682-1562
Wenslovas Memorial Chapel Inc1008 Castle Shannon Blvd Pittsburgh, PA. 15234(412) 431-0400
West Funeral Home Inc2215 Wylie Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15219(412) 471-2626
William Eckels Funeral Home1923 Broadway Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15216(412) 344-5595
William F Conroy Funeral Home2944 Chartiers Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15204(412) 331-5192
William Slater & Sons Inc301 Virginia Ave Pittsburgh, PA. 15211(412) 381-3345
William Slater Ii Funeral Svc1650 Greentree Rd Pittsburgh, PA. 15220(412) 921-5350
Worrell Funeral Home Inc820 Main St Pittsburgh, PA. 15215(412) 782-2211
Beinhauer-Connell Funeral Service Co.5120 W Library Ave Bethel Park, PA. 15102(412) 835-7940
Paul L Henney Memorial Chapel5570 Library Rd Bethel Park, PA. 15102(412) 835-1312
Beinhauer-Fryer Funeral & Cremation Service430 Washington Avenue Bridgeville, PA. 15017(412) 221-3800
Fryer Funeral Home729 Washington Ave Bridgeville, PA. 15017(412) 221-1000
L Beinhauer & Son Co2828 Washington Rd Bridgeville, PA. 15017(724) 941-3211
Warchol Funeral Home Inc3060 Washington Pike Bridgeville, PA. 15017(412) 221-3333
Bagnato Funeral Home Inc50 Chartiers Blvd Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 276-3964
Bradwell & Nirella Funeral Hm415 Chartiers St Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 276-3020
Henry R Henney Funeral Home524 Washington Ave Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 276-2300
Leo J Henney Funeral Home323 2nd Ave Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 279-4444
Szafranski-Eberlein Funeral Hm101 3rd St Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 276-1107
Vladimir S Corba Funeral Home300 E Main St Carnegie, PA. 15106(412) 279-1515
Anthony J Sanvito Funeral Home1650 Broadway Ave Mckees Rocks, PA. 15136(412) 771-3050
Stover Funeral Home Inc534 Island Ave Mckees Rocks, PA. 15136(412) 331-1667
Valerian F Szal Funeral Home238 Helen St Mckees Rocks, PA. 15136(412) 331-9713
William E Menni Funeral Drctr26 Tidball Rd Mckees Rocks, PA. 15136(412) 787-5997

Words are sometimes hard find when a friend or loved one passes. Often, flowers better define the sympathy we feel for the family and our lost friend. Petal Pushers can help you communicate your feelings through flowers. From a small memorial urn to a lush standing spray, this simple gesture of support can mean a lot to a grieving family. Whether you need delivery to a house or a funeral home, Petal Pushers can help with all sympathy flower needs. We have variety of stones, windchimes and throws if you would like to send something that the family will take home with them.  Please call to see the styles and phrases we have available. 

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